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What is Trait Swapper, how much does it cost to use it?

Trait Swapper gives you the chance to customize your Gorcians however you want. There is only one rule, no duplicates! You can either remove a trait from your Gorcian or add one and you need to pay 5 $SHARD for each trait you moved. So a simple trait swap costs 10 $SHARD + transaction fees.

What does the Locked icon mean?

After customizing your NFT, the Gorcian you customize and the traits you use will remain locked until the transactions you sent to the chain are confimed/finalized. Confirmation takes around 5 minutes and after that your Gorcian will be unlocked. If transaction is not confirmed, your swap will be reverted.

What happens if I try to remove the eye or background from my NFT?

What a mysterious question. Every trait slot has been designed with either a Base or None trait. Removing a trait from your Gorcian will turn that slot to its Base/None trait and these traits can't be removed from your NFT. So basically, if you try to remove your Gorcian's eye, unfortunately it will return its Base instead of remaining eyeless.

How rarity works?

Each trait has a total supply, but rarity is not calculated based on this. Rarity is calculated based on how many Gorcians are currently wearing that trait, I mean how many are in circulation. If you keep a trait in your wallet separately instead of having it on your Gorcian, that trait is not included in the rarity calculation. As an example, if a trait has a total supply of 30 but is currently only worn on 20 Gorcians, it will affect rarity as if it were a trait with a supply of 20.

Does customizing my NFT reset my Training progress?

Nope, customizing your Gorcian in Training will not reset your training progress!

How it feels to be Polygon's first customizable NFT project?

So damn cool.