Sicarra is a utility-driven NFT project that has brought to life a mysterious and fascinating universe. Within this expansive cosmos, numerous races thrive, each possessing their own distinct stories, unique traits, and symbolic representations that embody their essence. As the story of the Sicarra universe unfolds, new chapters and phases will be revealed, deepening the lore and expanding your knowledge of this captivating realm!


The only way to become an invincible warrior is to train consistently! Begin your training now and start stacking $SHARD, it‘ll be worth it!


It is entirely up to you to decide how your Gorcian/Lien looks. Decide if you want to raise him/her to a high rarity and make it a prominent figure in the army or if you want him/her to look good for your eyes.


As the greatest battle of the century approaches, the fate of your race will be in your hands. Prepare your warrior and take to the battlefield!


Unveiling itself as the inaugural race within the Sicarra Universe, the Gorcians stand as indomitable warriors forged in the crucible of ancient battles. These valiant fighters call Okad-hûl, one of the most vital landmasses in the realm, their home. Within the borders of this hallowed territory, mystical powers course through the veins of the land, revered by those who hold dominion over it. Such is the sacred nature of these powers that countless wars have been waged, with factions vying to claim control over this coveted domain.

The Gorcians epitomize the warrior spirit. Imbued with innate strength and battle-hardened prowess, they have honed their skills through generations of relentless combat. Fearless and resolute, they stand united as defenders of Okad-hûl, driven by an unwavering commitment to preserve the sanctity of their homeland.







Sylex / Founder

Lawyer. Tattoo addict. Junior cinephile, logged more than 1000 films on Letterboxd.

Yagyu / Artist

Dentist. Cut off his ear to have the vision of Gogh. Hates a day being 24 hours.

Lekz / Developer

Software engineer. Unnecessarily candid. Hard grinder. Plays WoW if not coding.

Ick / Developer

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Alys / BD Strategist

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